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Giới thiệu Đồ Chơi Cây Thông Giáng Sinh Ma Thuật

1. Gorgeous paper magic and magic potions produce amazing effects.
2. After years of redesign and design, the Magic Paper Flower Series not only proves its stable quality and qualified guarantee, but also makes the product series more interesting.
3. It may be natural science materials for children to learn the principles of nature and get more happiness and fun.
4. High-quality materials, durable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
5.Easy, easy to use.
6. Perfect accessories, help to create a festive atmosphere

Packing list:
1x base
1x tree
1*10ml growth solution

1. Please do not operate in rainy days, back to the south, or in the weather with high air humidity. Room temperature on sunny days, just enough!
(Humidity on rainy days will make it difficult for the product to crystallize and bloom. When the air humidity is high, it will also extend the flowering time! Paper tree flowering requires a dry natural environment!)
2. Please do not put in the air vents of the air conditioner, seal in the container, or expose to the sun
(These will affect the effect of flowering.)
3. The branches of the tree are better to break apart.
(This is more conducive to the growth and shaping of the paper flower later!)
4. The formation of paper flowers is related to the air and humidity. It is not guaranteed that each product is consistent. Those who mind do it carefully!
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