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Giới thiệu Quần Yếm Denim Ống Rộng Phong Cách Hàn Quốc Cho Nữ

Introduction to stores]1Welcome tolemonLemon shop, our store is the latest Korean style, we are committed to providing you with high quality and cheap clothing and accessories, remember to pay attention to us. Welcome to the store to see the discount!!
S (recommended 40-45 kg)
M (recommended 45 kg-50 kg)
L (recommended 50 kg -60 kg)
XL (60 kg-65 kg recommended)
2XL (recommended 65-74 kg)
[purchase instructions] ⛔ ️
We send it from Shenzhen. As it is an overseas seller, please be careful to take urgent order! Overseas delivery process: from Shenzhen to customs, and then by customs transshipment! After the goods arrive at the customs, the buyer will be informed that the goods have been shipped, so maybe we have actually sent them, but a small amount will not be displayed immediately. Please understand.
Please pick up the package in time after it arrives at the market. If you don't pick up the package or if you exceed the time, we will lose the package! Please take delivery time according to the received message. The payment time of order prompt is not the time of taking delivery. Please remember to take delivery time according to the message
The store will check before sending out, but sometimes it is careless. If you receive the clothes wrongly, you should inform us immediately to help you deal with the quality problems. Don't rush to make bad comments. The store is very responsible.
It's normal for clothes and trousers if the button holes are not cut open,Please know.
Remarks: manual measurement unit:cmDue to different measurement methods, it is allowed to2-4CMWithin the error range, it is not a quality problem!
[color difference] due to different lighting and display, it may be different from the picture color. Please refer to the real object!
[sign] some of our products will be cut off, and the whole store will replace the brand new ones
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