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About the product

SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF ENEMAS - Premium Enema kits are suitable for all types of enemas including retention enemas, cleansing enemas, coffee enemas, Gerson Therapy and general colon cleansing. Plus, our kits are designed to be used discretely in the privacy of your own home, or with the assistance of a medical professional.

NO RISK OF SPILLS - We searched for a quality alternative to the standard and ineffective "pinch" clamp (the clamp that most enema kits supply to control the water flow) and we found the solution. All our enema kits come with a precision "stopcock" tap allowing you to easily and precisely control how fast your enema water flows. Plus, once our stopcock tap is turned off it's impossible for the water to leak and spill onto the floor, which is common with pinch clamps.

PROTECTS YOUR EQUIPMENT AND YOUR HEALTH - We supply a non-return valve with all our enema kits which prevents enema water (after it has entered your body) from returning back into the hose. This keeps your enema equipment clean and free from harmful bacteria. That just makes sense right!

EASY TO STORE, DISCREETLY - All of our enema kits come with a convenient drawstring carry bag allowing your enema kit to be stored away cleanly and discreetly after use.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If it's not your favourite enema kit, the best you have ever owned, or the easiest and most convenient, return it for a full refund. No questions asked, just a prompt and courteous refund. We stand behind the quality of our enema kits and our customers love that we place quality first

STAINLESS STEEL ENEMA BUCKET KIT - Suitable For Home, Water & Coffee Colon Cleansing
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