Kẹp Tóc bb Mềm Mại Hình Trái Cây Hoạt Hình Đáng Yêu

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Giới thiệu Kẹp Tóc bb Mềm Mại Hình Trái Cây Hoạt Hình Đáng Yêu

Size: peach 8x2.5, butter 2.7x6.5, lemon 7x3, orange 7x2.6
Material: acrylic
Style: nature
Style: women
Shape: fruit
Processing process: manual
Packaging: independent packaging
Hairpin classification: duckbill clip
Series: hairpin
Popular elements: cartoon

Instructions for buyers:
- due to the large shipment volume, please take the urgent order carefully!Order order, prioritize shipment, if not or cancel order then we will lose directly, the pressure is great, please understand.
- welcome to introduce friends to buy it. good friends can make a cost-effective bill together.
- the payment time of the order prompt is not the time of receipt. please check the receipt of the notice and remember that the notice is the time of receipt.
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