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Giới thiệu Giày Công Chúa Da Pu Màu Trắng / Đỏ / Đen / Hồng / Vàng

This baby shoes, which is simple and cute, beautiful and fashionable, soft and comfortable. Its sole is designed with raised pattern that has good anti-slip performance, to make it be more suitable for kids walking on all kinds of ground. It is suitable for most occasions in life, such as travel, shopping and so on, it is the nice accessory for your kids.

Size Guide:
0-6 Months Insole Length: 10.5 Insole Width: 5.6 Outsole Length: 11
6-12 Months Insole Length: 11.5 Insole Width: 5.8 Outsole Length: 12
12-18 Months Insole Length: 12.5 Insole Width: 6 Outsole Length: 13

0-6 Months Insole Length: 4.13 Insole Width: 2.20 Outsole Length: 4.33
6-12 Months Insole Length: 4.53 Insole Width: 2.28 Outsole Length: 4.72
12-18 Months Insole Length: 4.92 Insole Width: 2.36 Outsole Length: 5.12

Material: PU leather
Applicable Gender: Female
Applicable Age Range: Children
Style: Casual Style
Features: Soft, comfortable, cute, beautiful, fashionable
Suitable Occasions: Most occasions in life
Suitable Seasons: Spring, autumn
Size: 0-6 Months/6-12 Months/12-18 Months
Color: White/Red/Black/Pink/Golden

Package Content:
1 Pair* Shoes

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