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Giới thiệu Máy cạo râu REMAX kèm phụ kiện

Product name: REMAXLIFE Ultraviolet Sterilization Shaver
Product model: RL-PC02
Product Color: Metal Black
Product material: ABS + environmental protection metal paint
1. Without battery and easy to get power, the usage scenarios are diversified;
2. Ultraviolet sterilization, intimate design and safe use;
3. Mini compact and portable, plug and play, simple and fast, complementary to traditional shavers used in home scenes;
4, exquisite packaging, gift bag to make carrying more convenient;
Use scenario: business, business trip, travel, etc., the preferred product for emergency shaving needs.

Anti-scratch skin design
Wing-like skin
Surface roughness = 0.2 micron flatness, better fit
We use ECM electrochemical processing technology in the field of precision medical devices
Processing the cutter head and the cutter net not only avoids the occurrence of metal burrs, but also allows
Tool wear resistance has been greatly improved. Razor mesh fits closer to the face
The shaving leaves no stubble and is short and thorough.
Comfortable to touch
(The cut surfaces are rounded without edges)
18 blades
(50% increase in amount required)
ECM Electrochemical Engineering
(Avoid metal burrs)
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