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Giới thiệu Quần bảo hộ phối ren thoáng mát cá tính thời trang

⛔️⛔️The payment time of the order prompt is not the time of receipt. please take the notice of receipt as the basis and remember to take the notice as the basis.
Sales unit: pieces
Origin: guangzhou, mainland
Commodity characteristics: thin, fashion, personality, college students.
2-4cm is normal due to different sizes of measurement
Different colors of the same paragraph different manufacturers shipping, size will be a little different!The same size of the same color will also differ, belonging to the normal phenomenon

Excellent quality, exclusive style, beautiful to burst

(notes to purchase)⛔️

The store is the latest exclusive style, (model) entity film, quality assurance
We have check before sending out, but occasionally careless, receive clothes have mis-mailed quality problems, and so on, to inform us first time to help you deal with, the store is very responsible.


Please give five stars a good opinion of our goods and services. there are some unsatisfactory places for you to contact us about it💞️.
Name: suyu
Origin: guangzhou
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