Bộ cảm biến điều khiển đo mực nước XKC-Y26-PNP IP65 kích thước 18*13*11mm

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Giới thiệu Bộ cảm biến điều khiển đo mực nước XKC-Y26-PNP IP65 kích thước 18*13*11mm

The liquid level sensor has no special requirements for liquid type and container materials and can be widely used.
The installation is simple and does not affect the production.
The output signal is PNP signal.

Product model:XKC-Y26-PNP
Input voltage (Vin): DC 5~24V
Output Signal:PNP
Current consumption: 5mA
Output voltage (high level): Vin
Output voltage (low level): 0V
Output current: 1~100mA
Response time: 500mS
Working environment temperature: 0~85°C
Humidity: 5%~100%
Material: ABS
Waterproof performance: IP65
SIze:18 x 13 x 11mm
Cable Length:45cm

Pipe outer diameter D(mm) Sensing wall thickness L(mm)
D ≥ 100, L: 20±2
100>100 ≥ 80, L: 15±2
80>100 ≥ 60, L: 12±2
60>100 ≥ 40, L: 7±1
40>100 ≥ 30, L: 5±1
30>100 ≥ 20, L: 3±1
20>100 ≥ 10, L: 1.5±0.5
Applicable pipe diameter range: ≥10mm
Level error: ±1.5mm

Intelligent non-contact type level detector(Hereinafter referred to level detector) adopts advanced signal processing technology and high speed signal processing chip, break through the effects of vessel wall thickness, realized the real non-contact measurement for the level height in the sealed vessel. Level sensor(probe) installed on the top and bottom(the high level and the low level) of the measuring vessel wall, non-metal vessel do not need to drill a hole, easy installation, good for the production. Can be used for different kinds of toxic, strong acid, strong alkali, and all kinds of level measurement in the high pressure sealed vessel or tank. The application of this product is very wide, no special requirements for liquid media and vessel material.

Product Feature
1: XKC-Y26-PNP suitable for non-metal pipe wall, and do not need to contact the liquid, will not corrode by strong acid, strong alkali, and other corrosive liquid. Will not affected by incrustation or other impurities.
2: Intelligent level adjustment and level memory function, level status display method, can realize multi points series connection,
It achieves non-contact detection of the liquid level in the closed container.
The liquid level sensor is installed on the upper and lower sides of the container (the liquid level is high and low)
The non-metallic container does not need to open the hole.
Can detect the level of various toxic substances, strong acids, alkalis and various liquids in high pressure airtight containers

Package include:
1pc Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor
1pc Fixed belt
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