Miếng dán nano giữ điện thoại thần kỳ tiện dụng

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Giới thiệu Miếng dán nano giữ điện thoại thần kỳ tiện dụng

🏪 Store other goods need to be brought together 🏪
🏪 Savings in freight and time required for one purchase 🏪
🏪 Focus store will be on the occasional shelves of fresh goods 🏪

Commodity description
👉Universal gel organizer stickers, sticky, stable fixed mobile phone and small items
👉Full flexibility and freedom to stretch, even on uneven walls can be tightly attached
👉Do not need any glue or nails, just a little bit to stick to the wall
👉Easy to peel off the edge and leave no trace
👉Rinse in water and magically become new for recycling

(commodity specifications)
➣Weight: 25 g
➣Material: pu
➣Round size: diameter 50 x thickness 13 mm
➣Square size: 50 x wide 50 x thick 13 mm
➣Load bearing: within 1kg, please stick to a solid, non peeling surface material

💡Heavy, fragile and expensive items should avoid long vertical or inverted pastes to prevent accidental damage!
💡Dimensions are hand-measured and may contain errors. please forgive me.
💡Color due to the different display, there may be color difference, according to the actual products.
⚠️Note: goods are expendable materials. except for defects in the goods themselves, we cannot accept the return of goods
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